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London Data Centre

Volta’s state-of-the-art central London data centre is located in the heart of Clerkenwell on Great Sutton Street. Volta is easily accessible from the west end and a short walk from both the City, Shoreditch and Farringdon ensuring your engineers won’t have to travel far to make site visits.

Volta is undoubtedly the most powerful and resilient central London data centre and offers a number of tailored services that have been developed to ensure the perfect IT infrastructure for businesses and organisations in the capital.

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colocation - London Data Centre


In addition to being highly resilient and concurrently maintainable to the highest Tier III standards, Volta’s data centre provides a colocation centre of choice in the heart of London. Its Great Sutton Street facility is perfect for organisations who want to take advantage of all the benefits of colocation, while keeping their data within easy reach.

Connectivity - London Data Centre


Volta is a carrier-neutral data centre providing customers with the connectivity that they need from the provider of their choice – making its Great Sutton Street site the ideal home for your Cloud or IT infrastructure. Located in the heart of central London and with high-speed connectivity, locating at Volta gives your company global reach – giving direct access to any other data centre in the UK and placing your business and your customers directly into world markets.

High Density

Volta is a high-density data centre in the heart of Clerkenwell, central London. Completed in 2013, the facility is one of the UK’s most advanced, designed and built using the very latest in modern cooling technology. Data centres traditionally use CRAC cooling – Computer Room Air Conditioning – suitable only for IT loads of a few kilowatts (kW) per rack. Volta’s specially developed row-based cooling system increases efficiency and scalability, and is purpose-built to handle IT infrastructure whose peak power density is 20kW per rack and beyond. This system enables future-proofing for the latest server technology and the ability to have high density racks adjacent to traditional racks.

“Working with Volta means that we have a London city site that we can expand into. Being able to provide our customers with high-level power density, the flexibility to expand and an excellent level of technical and customer service support, was a priority for us. The Volta team is an extension of the EX Networks’ team and we look forward to growing with Volta in the future.”

– Volkan Dil, Managing Director, EX Networks

Customer Service - London Data Centre

Customer Service

Volta prides itself on providing the very highest standards of service to all its customers. Every aspect has been carefully considered, from your very first point of contact with Volta, through the installation of your systems and the ongoing support and assistance that form part of your contract. Should the level of service fall below the standard you expect or if there is any aspect you believe Volta should consider, we would very much like to discuss it with you.

Power by the hour - London Data Centre

Power by the Hour

Volta offers the UK’s first ever ‘Power by the Hour’ tariff at its central London data centre. This power consumption-based model is ideal not only for start-ups and small businesses, but for larger organisations who require project-based resources. It provides an affordable, zero commitment option for companies stepping into a Cloud infrastructure or outsourcing to a colocation site for the first time. Businesses are charged on an hourly basis for the amount of power used, with charging beginning the moment their equipment is installed in the data centre. Power by the Hour is the first service of its kind for the UK industry.

Enhanced SLA - London Data Centre

Enhanced SLA

In recognition of the superior level of resilience it offers at its central London data centre, Volta has launched a new, enhanced Service Level Agreement (SLA) – ‘Platinum Power’.

The Platinum Power SLA is ideal for finance, legal and city-based companies who require the guarantee of 100% uptime. Should Diamond customers ever lose 100% power availability (no matter how briefly) they will immediately receive a year’s free service credit. The Diamond SLA is being offered to all new customers at Volta’s data centre in Great Sutton Street, London EC1.

Media - London Data Centre

Remote Hands

It may not always be convenient for your staff to visit the data centre to make minor changes or updates to equipment – many of which may require physical intervention by engineers.

Volta’s Remote Hands service offers a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers who can give on-site assistance and remote management, providing an invaluable extension of your own team. The service (available at Volta’s London data centre) offers problem resolution, update installs and custom installations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Remote Hands saves time and money and, importantly, the need to travel to Volta’s London data centre to make physical changes to systems and equipment.