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London Colocation

In addition to being highly resilient and concurrently maintainable to the highest Tier III standards, Volta’s data centre provides a colocation centre of choice in the heart of the London. Its Great Sutton Street facility is perfect for organisations who want to take advantage of all the benefits of colocation, while keeping their data within easy reach.


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London Colocation


One of the primary advantages of Volta’s colocation centre is its location. Whether you are an operating head office or a small enterprise, if your business needs to be based in London, ensuring your data can be easily managed is vital to performance. Whatever sector your business is in – media, retail, legal or the financial services industries – keeping your data secure and accessible is critical.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of colocation – reducing the operating costs of your IT whilst improving your security and resilience – it is essential to factor in that from time-to-time your IT staff will have to carry out essential maintenance and upgrades. Maintenance of this type requires your technical team to visit the data centre and physically interact with your servers and equipment – this is when Volta’s central London location comes into its own.

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A colocation data centre in London (often referred to as a ‘colo centre’) is one where facilities are shared by similar organisations or businesses. Volta’s Great Sutton Street data centre is such a site where the equipment racks, power, cooling, physical security and bandwidth can be shared by a number of businesses.

Sharing space also means sharing the costs, offering considerable efficiencies of scale. Servers, storage and networking equipment can all be housed in a secure environment and connected to a range of different telecommunications and network service providers, whilst minimising the costs, increasing efficiencies and reducing complexity.

Data centres offering colocation services are becoming an increasingly important part of today’s IT landscape. More and more organisations have come to understand the problems associated with providing their own climate-controlled and secured facilities, and have realised the substantial advantages of Cloud computing. In effect, Volta’s colocation centre becomes the cost-effective home for your Cloud.

There are enormous benefits to be seen by locating within a state-of-the-art colocation data centre. If you have any questions regarding colocation and how it will positively impact your business, the team at Volta will be glad to answer your enquiries.