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Data Centre Connectivity

Volta operates a carrier-neutral data centre providing businesses with the connectivity that they need from the provider of their choice. This makes Volta the ideal location for a Cloud or IT infrastructure.

Located in the heart of central London, Volta offers the high-speed connectivity that today’s businesses need. Locating within Volta expands any company’s reach – giving your business and your customers direct and fast access to all the internet offers, as well as other data centres and the world markets.

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Data Centre Connectivity


Volta’s ‘carrier neutrality’ simply means that it is not tied to any one carrier supplying connectivity into the data centre. This allows any customer the freedom to negotiate and draw up contracts directly with the carrier of their choice.

Volta’s London data centre in Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, has many of the world’s leading carriers on-site ensuring ultra-fast and resilient connectivity. This includes ten Tier I carriers and an array of Tier II providers. As a customer, you have the freedom to select your own carrier or choose from any of the available providers.


It’s important to ask any data centre for a list of the carriers that are already available within the facility. If you are looking for a home for your Cloud or IT infrastructure, look for carriers that actually have a dedicated fibre connection into the building.

Volta is supplied by a number of premier carriers. All of the key industry suppliers are likely to have dedicated fibre lines directly into the building.

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