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Multi Award Winning Enhanced SLA: ‘Platinum Power’

In recognition of the superior level of resilience it offers at its central London data centre, Volta has launched a new, enhanced Service Level Agreement (SLA) – ‘Platinum Power’.

The Platinum Power SLA is ideal for finance, legal and city-based companies who require the guarantee of 100% uptime. Should Platinum customers ever lose full power availability (no matter how briefly) they will receive a year’s free service credit.

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Enhanced SLA Data Centre


Volta is one of the most power resilient data centre providers in the UK, being ideally located on 2 separate diverse power rings on London’s upgraded 33kV network. This enables Volta to take control of resilience and offer a 100% power SLA – this is a world first. The Platinum Power SLA offers 100% power availability to your rack. Should Volta be responsible for availability dropping below 100%, then customers will be offered 1 year’s free service for any affected racks.


The cloud has transformed the way businesses operate. Volta has responded to this by making significant changes to the service levels it offers customers. The enhanced Platinum Power level has been developed to be a unique offering for any data centre across the UK or indeed the whole of Europe.

There is no price for peace of mind. That is why Volta is offering the Platinum Power SLA to every new contract at its data centre in Great Sutton Street, London EC1. Two resilient power connections from two main grid stations and 33kV transformers on site ensure Volta will always have the power their customers demand