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High-Density Data Centre

Volta’s facility in Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, EC1 is a high-density data centre in the heart of central London. Completed in 2013, Volta’s data centre is one of the newest and most up-to-date in the UK and was designed and built using the very latest in modern cooling technology.

Data centres traditionally use CRAC cooling (Computer Room Air Conditioning) which will only suffice for IT loads of a few kilowatts (kW) per rack. Volta has a specially developed row-based cooling system that increases efficiency and scalability, and has been purpose-built to handle IT equipment whose peak power density is 20kW per rack and beyond. This system is ideal for the latest server technology and enables future-proofing with the ability to have high-density racks adjacent to traditional racks.

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High Density Data Centre


At the forefront of cooling technology, Volta is redefining the boundaries and managing the heat at source. An internal plenum, or air corridor, captures the rejected heat, isolating the exhausted hot air from the cold supply, which is injected into the cold aisles. The unique cooling system also boasts an embedded, self-protecting ‘hive’ logic, which means that each cooler continually monitors adjacent units for faults, automatically adjusting up to full capacity to protect the space and hardware.

The system allows both Volta and its customers to monitor the intake temperatures, discharge temperatures, peak loads and fan speeds in real-time. With ever-advancing server technology, this row-based cooling capability is future-proofing Volta’s high-density data centre, ensuring that it can easily scale up to meet increasing density requirements.

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In addition to this cooling technology, supported by upgraded power supplies to 9MW, Volta’s high-density data centre is fed by two separate 33kV feeds and has two dedicated 33kV transformers on-site. This gives Volta two direct feeds on separate redundant grid rings, providing a level of resilience that no other central London data centre facility can match. Volta’s high-density data centre is situated in central London on Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, EC1.