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In an age of digital disruption, companies are under increasing pressure to improve their time to market. A reduced time-to-market can bring immediate positive outcomes to your business.
New technologies and strategies can help deliver a competitive edge in growth areas like cloud, cognitive computing, big data, business intelligence, hyper converged infrastructure, micro-segmentation, blockchain and artificial intelligence.
Through our ethos of ‘freedom in technology’ we have the ability to assist IT leaders to deliver positive business outcomes by harnessing these innovative and digital transformation solutions.

FreedomTECH truly believes that we are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and that organisations need to embrace technology and services in order to maintain and improve the experience it delivers to their internal teams and external customers.

The alignment of new platforms and business models is critical to communicate effectively to your digital customers and individuals at every touchpoint and every experience.

FreedomTECH Solutions develop business driven solutions for enterprise and medium-sized companies in every vertical market; Financial services, non-profit organisations, media, education, healthcare, retail and manufacturing.

FreedomTECH Solutions is headquartered in Central London with a global reach of engineering and technology resource.
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This eBook outlines the 11 key questions you should ask any data centre provider, from where the data centre is located, to the power contingencies that are available. With these questions answered, you will be able to find the right data centre for your business and understand how to maintain the benefits delivered from your new partnership.

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Download Volta’s specification guide providing full details of the Volta data centre’s service offerings and infrastructure specification on power, security, certification and many more.

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