Fusion Media Networks

Fusion Media Networks

Fusion helps organisations reduce risk and accelerate performance by providing the network, security and communication solutions required to do business in the fast lane.

Our own core network infrastructure is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the country. With a substantial broadband footprint and an Ethernet infrastructure that incorporates millions of kilometres of fibre and over 12,000 points of presence, we work directly with business clients and sales channel partners to deliver unrestricted, best-in-class, high speed connectivity.

Fusion offers a single point of contact for all services and end-to end business communication solutions that come with guaranteed quality of service from a single SLA. From the latest voice and SIP solutions to managed security and virtual data centre services, our portfolio is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of channel partners and customers.

Our services are backed by strong partnerships with leading technology vendors and network providers, including cyber security specialists and our customers are supported by a team of experts able to plan, deploy and maintain the world’s most advanced communication solutions.

Website: www.fmn.uk.net 

Email: sales@fmn.uk.net

Phone: 0845 500 8585