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Data Centre Sectors

Volta understands that even businesses operating within the same sector may require different solutions from a data centre, depending on factors such as size, growth strategy and international reach.

From the largest commercial organisation to an established SME or a new rising start up, Volta offers the flexibility to provide a packaged data centre solution that delivers exactly what is needed for every business, no matter what sector or industry type.

Enterprise Data Centre London


Volta’s data centre in the heart of central London is ideally suited to large enterprises that require a highly secure data facility within close proximity of their operations.

Volta offers Enterprise scale organisations the ability to securely maintain their own IT services offsite, reducing all of the associated costs and space requirements of facilitating these in-house.

Volta’s Great Sutton Street site answers the requirement for a highly secure and immediately scalable data centre in Zone 1. Volta has rapidly become the data centre for organisations based within central London, The City and the beyond.

SME Data Centre London


Volta’s central London data centre offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing small customers to start with just a quarter of a rack.

For those looking to manage their own facilities within the data centre, (for example, those organisations running and managing a private cloud) Volta  provides all the services and flexibility that are required.

If you are looking to work with a Cloud or Managed Services Partner, then Volta can recommend an appropriate partner who understands your business and can respond to your needs.

“As a global network solutions provider, Level 3 works with data centre companies such as Volta to enable the provision of cost-efficient networking solutions for customers. It is all about meeting customers’ business challenges and helping them drive growth.”

– Sundeep Samra, Product Planning Manager, Level 3 Communications EMEA

Cloud Data Centre


Volta offers Cloud and Managed Services Providers the flexibility to scale operations in line with their expansion strategies and the opportunity to offer bespoke solutions to their clients – ensuring an ideal platform on which to grow.

Volta’s Great Sutton Street data centre is a central Cloud hub, offering your business connectivity to the right network and cloud provider. Volta attracts organisations that require high-density powered racks and a choice of more than ten Tier 1 carriers – all within a convenient Zone 1 location.

Media Data Centre


The West End (and Soho in particular) has long been the centre of the UK’s media industry. With more and more online content being created and shared electronically, the sector requires resilient and well-connected facilities that are located within easy reach, rather than outside the M25. Volta provides a high density data centre for media companies and agencies located conveniently within central London. Volta ensures your data is close at hand  – readily accessible if and when technical assistance is required.

Financial Data Centre


Volta is central London’s first data centre in a decade, offering financial services firms an ideal, conveniently located hosting and colocation infrastructure. Volta’s Great Sutton Street facility, formerly the Reuters building, offers diverse, low-latency connectivity to key trading venues, and partnerships with the world’s leading carriers. Power from two separate 33kV National grid supplies ensures Volta is London’s most resilient and connected data centre.