Artificial Intelligence


Creating an optimised, in-house data centre able to meet the dynamic demands of digital technologies such as AI and VR is almost impossible. At the very least, an organisation will have to consider augmenting its own infrastructure with that available from a colocation centre (colo), and it may well be that a hybrid data centre and IT infrastructure strategy that includes on-premises, colo and Cloud, not to mention managed services, is the only way of meeting the objectives of agility, scalability, resiliency and speed.

As the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Virtual Reality (VR) continues to increase, each may have a crucial role to play in the data centre of the future. However, it’s inevitable that data creation, processing and storage tasks associated with AI will place even higher demand on the need for speed, reliability, agility and overall IT optimisation.

Volta can provide the power required by AI and VR applications through its commitment to agility, scalability, resiliency and speed. With a promise of 100% up time and its convenient city centre location, Volta has the capacity and the resources not only to meet the challenges posed by AI, but to embrace them.

Volta’s most recent eBook provides more information on supporting the development and use of new digital technologies.

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Top 11 questions to ask when you search for your data centre provider. With these questions answered, you will be able to find the right data centre for your business and understand how to maintain the benefits delivered from your new partnership.

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Download Volta’s specification guide providing full details of the Volta Data Centre’s service offerings and infrastructure specification on power, security, certification and many more.

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