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The phenomenal growth in Cloud-based service delivery and managed services is changing essential data centre requirements. Managed Services or Software as a Service (SaaS) providers are looking for a Cloud data centre that supports their new business models. It’s critical that their chosen facility can meet customer Service Level Agreements (SLA) of typically 99.999% and offer the highest resilience of connectivity, power and security.

Organisations also need to consider the time it may take to get their engineers on site, not only to set-up and install new customer equipment, but to deal quickly with issues that may directly impact their SLA. This is where Volta’s convenient location as a central London Cloud data centre comes to the fore.

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Cloud Data Centre


Whether it’s a public Cloud, private Cloud or hybrid colocation, every Cloud must ultimately be located within a physical space, with all the associated infrastructure and first-class connectivity. Volta’s data centre has been specifically designed with Cloud computing services in mind; equipped with the latest intelligent technology, connected with world-class carriers on-site, and offering the ability to grow in both space and power, all within a central London location.


Volta offers Cloud and Managed Services Providers the flexibility to scale operations in line with expansion strategies and, in turn, the opportunity to offer bespoke solutions to their clients. This ensures scalability and an ideal platform on which to grow.

As the central London Cloud hub, Volta Great Sutton Street offers the flexibility to connect to the right network and Cloud provider. Volta’s Cloud data centre is a proven location for organisations that require high density powered racks and a choice of 10 Tier I carriers.

Volta customers can take advantage of expert on-site solution management and support, and benefit from the experience of Volta’s Cloud and Managed Services partners.