Volta brings years of experience working with NHS customers and dealing with public sector companies. Find out how Volta can help you deliver an IT strategy which focuses not just on minimising your financial footprint, but provides the commercial flexibility and technical scalability you need to help adapt to a changing world.

Colocation is a great solution for budget-constrained healthcare organisations that want to use some of what they already have designed. With colocation, you have the flexibility to scale as you grow and only pay for the capacity you need today.

Healthcare institutions need a way to connect and exchange data between disparate IT systems while safeguarding the security of patient and hospital data. The demand for electronic information exchange from one healthcare professional to another is growing, along with the need to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery. The ability to access and exchange data is increasingly important for large healthcare providers, specifically as global initiatives such as the Health Information Exchange are implemented.

Moving data between disparate systems requires high bandwidth and a well-connected network of data centres, as well as total consistency and reliability. Volta provides access to a broad eco-system of partners and carriers within its interconnected data centres — so as a healthcare provider, your company can effortlessly and securely aggregate and exchange massive amounts of data.

The HSCN (health and social care network)/N3 internet gateway is a vitally important network, relied on by 1.3 million NHS employees. Healthcare company Lypy offers secure and robust HSCN/N3 connectivity to its customers via Volta, a highly secure data centre that guarantees 100% uptime — it also has the capacity to grow with Lypy’s needs, adding racks without splitting them across different floors or cross connecting between different racks.

Hybrid Cloud solutions can mean managing public and private clouds as one, with management tools spread across two environments. For healthcare providers, the hybrid Cloud can revolutionise IT management, eliminating the need for onsite storage and increasing the security of electronic patient records and other sensitive data.

Every Cloud needs a home. Whether it’s public, private or hybrid, every Cloud must ultimately be located within a physical space, with all the associated infrastructure and first-class connectivity. Volta’s data centre has been specifically designed with Cloud computing services in mind; equipped with the latest intelligent technology, it offers healthcare providers the ability to grow in space and power, all within a resilient central London location.



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The healthcare company wanted a data centre provider that not only had a highly secure site that could guarantee 100% uptime, but also a partner that had the capacity to grow with the business and add racks without having to have them split on different floors or have a cross connect between different racks. Find out more about the N3 connectivity.

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