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Volta provides a data centre for the media industry in the heart of central London. The West End has long been the focus for this creative industry and with increasing amounts of content being created and shared online, it’s a sector that requires resilient and well-connected data facilities. Volta Great Sutton Street provides a purpose-built location for the media industry to store data close to hand.

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Media Data Centre


When large media assets need to be transferred quickly and reliably the scale of connectivity becomes of paramount importance. Increased scale also gives the opportunity to ‘burst’ – to increase the availability of power and bandwidth for a specific purpose such as rendering or an event such as outside broadcast activity, live video streaming or event recording.

Volta Great Sutton Street has been purpose-built and designed to meet the pressing demands required by real-time editing and online collaboration. Many other data centres outside of the capital are simply not equipped to support the connectivity that such opportunities require.

As a media company or content provider within Volta’s data centre your business will benefit from high speed and high capacity connectivity within an easily accessible and purpose-built environment – in a location that is easily accessible from the West End and all of central London.


Designed and built to concurrently maintainable Tier III standards, Volta’s media data centre is a secure, resilient and reliable IT facility that provides the very latest high density technology in-house, world-class connectivity on-site and both the power and space to grow with the businesses it supports.