Within the media and gaming industries, 100% uptime has never been more important. At Volta, central London’s data centre, priorities like low-latency connectivity, high bandwidth and proximity to the end user are understood, and met without fail.

As part of rapidly expanding industries, media and gaming companies demand the best from their IT hosting infrastructure. New business models are increasingly focused on innovation and efficiency across the production cycle and value creation at the point of engagement, while end-users continue to expect high quality service on every device.

Leading companies are using edge computing (processing data closer to where it is created) to streamline production workflows, reduce time and cost, and expand their distribution capabilities to tap into billions of smart TVs and devices around the globe. At Volta, your company IT infrastructure can grow in efficiency and security, while drawing on the formidable power of our partners’ high-speed connectivity.

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The Edge

Edge computing enables companies to put the right content in the right place at the right time, supporting faster and better quality access. This has improved the customers’ experience and is sometimes a valuable strategic advantage.

Utilising an edge data centre means that companies can provide better service with less physical distance and minimise latency. Future-proofing your data centre is no longer down to a choice of the right servers and storage, it's now all about connectivity, location and proximity to users.

As the need for video streaming continues to rise, consumers expect faster and higher quality video streaming – placing yet more demands on the network infrastructure. Edge computing can help streamline this process, helping organisations analyse important data in near real-time.

Situated in the heart of central London, Volta is perfectly designed to meet the ever-increasing infrastructure demands of gaming and media businesses. With full location optimisation, Volta minimises latency, improves the quality of your service, and provides 100% uptime power to your content delivery.

Find out just what this kind of deployment could mean for your business with Volta’s Edge Computing eBook.

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Trading for nearly 20 years, ROOT6 is the most experienced and committed supplier of technology to the UK broadcast, film, post-production and new media communities. Find out more about what was important for ROOT6 when choosing a data centre and learn about the committed supplier to the media industry.

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Ai Networks had a definitive idea of its requirements when it came to assessing the diverse options available in central London – good location, excellent power resilience, great cooling and flexible services. Find out why the Hertfordshire-based service provider chose Volta to install 30+ racks.

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