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Volta has identified a number of specialist partners who are able to help with the process of relocation of equipment and many other supporting services.

The recommended relocation services offer everything that businesses and organisations will require – ­from physically moving servers to data cabling and asset disposal. Their professional teams also provide consultancy and project management to determine the best way to migrate systems and equipment. All of these services are available from Volta’s carefully selected partners.

Volta’s partner organisations are all well-established businesses with significant expertise and many years of experience in undertaking this type of specialist work. This range of services allows customers to simply and easily move their entire systems from an existing site to their new location within Volta’s data centre.

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Data Centre Relocation Services



Sunspeed www.sunspeed.co.uk

Services include:

o   Server relocation

o   Data centre migration consultancy

o   ICT Hardware Staging

o   Auditing

o   Asset disposal

o   Data centre cabling


Technimove www.technimove.com

Services include:

o   Server relocation

o   PC relocation

o   IT storage

o   IT recycling and disposal

o   Project management

o   Cable management