Carrier and Cloud Neutral Data Centre


As a carrier-neutral data centre with 20+ diverse entry points and over 25 carriers on-site, Volta equips customers with the connectivity they need from the provider of their choice. As a carrier- and Cloud-neutral colocation service, Volta provides complete freedom of choice, and doesn’t pass on recurring cross connect charges. Offering diversity, flexibility and cost-efficiency, carrier neutrality brings with it the power to adapt, and the ability to stay flexible.
Volta rack space is not bundled with specific connectivity suppliers—instead, clients will gain access to an internal communications market place in which they can decide on the best customised solution for their needs, whether that’s via connections to public Cloud, private Cloud or hybrid Cloud solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The term “neutrality” refers to the data centre provider’s independence from cloud platforms and telecoms + internet providers. Customers contact directly with the data centre for colocation (empty rack, power & cooling) and then contract with the cloud and telecoms provider of their choice. This gives the customer plenty of options to choose how they connect back to their office, internet, and cloud.

Yes, Volta has over 20 different carries on site, giving customers flexibility to choose the right carrier for their business.

Below are some of the main benefits of this kind of data centre…
1 – Data Loss Reduction – You have the option of having numerous carriers linked to your business network if you are in a facility that offers multiple carriers. You can rely on another carrier for connectivity in the case of an outage or failure of one carrier, ensuring that your mission-critical systems remain operational.
2 – Network Redundancy – Carrier diversity is vital because IT performance is likely to decline without highly dependable and redundant network connectivity.
3 – Portability – A move to a new data centre is a considerable time and financial investment. You’re not locked into a single provider with carrier-neutral data centres, and you can switch providers at any time without having to physically relocate.
4 – Capability for Expansion – When you work with a cloud & carrier neutral data centre, you’re partnering with a company that can satisfy your demands now and in the future, because you have the flexibility of working with your preferred provider or working with multiple providers when using cross connect services. This means you may create your network with as many options and flexibility as you like. You choose whatever network best meets your company’s needs and can grow with it over time.

The most prevalent type of cloud computing deployment is public cloud. In this instance, a 3rd party cloud service provider owns and operates their resources, such as servers and storage, and delivers them through the Internet. The cloud service provider owns and manages the hardware, software, and other supporting infrastructure in a public cloud.

A private cloud is made up of cloud computing resources that are only used by 1 company or organisation. The private cloud can be physically located on-site at your company’s data centre or hosted by a 3rd party service provider. The services and infrastructure in a private cloud are always kept on a private network, and the hardware and software are dedicated entirely to your company.

A hybrid cloud platform is one that uses both public and private cloud services and provides several benefits to businesses, including increased flexibility, more deployment options, security, compliance, and maximising the value of current infrastructure.

Typically, private cloud services are used for critical applications, whereas public cloud services will be used with non-critical applications.



Ai Networks had a definitive idea of its requirements when it came to assessing the diverse options available in central London – good location, excellent power resilience, great cooling and flexible services. Find out why the Hertfordshire-based service provider chose Volta to install 30+ racks.

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Next Connex already has a robust network spread across different regions in the UK. However, it is always looking for expert data centre partners to bolster this network and the services it provides. The opportunity had arisen for Next Connex to add a central London data centre facility to its core network to provide more capacity, increase its ability to offer premium locations to its clients, and support its overall business growth. Learn about their challenges and how they overcame them.

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