Colocation Services in Central London


In addition to being highly resilient and concurrently maintainable to the highest Tier III standards, Volta’s data centre provides a colocation centre of choice in the heart of London. Its Great Sutton Street facility is perfect for organisations who want to take advantage of all the benefits of colocation, while keeping their data within easy reach.

Why co-locate?

Whether your company is a start-up or a well-established global business, it relies on Big Data to grow and develop, using data analysis to gather crucial insights into consumer behaviour and to inform important strategy decisions. As your place of work and the hub of your communications, your office is not equipped to safely and securely store that critical infrastructure.

That’s why businesses of all sizes choose colocation, renting out purpose-built space for their data in the form of cabinets and racks (a rack is a standardised frame for mounting equipment and hardware). Colocation providers deliver high levels of security, with security guards and biometric access control available at all times.

Colocation providers also bring peace of mind, with data centres offering reliable backups and UPS devices to protect data against outages, including those caused by natural disaster, fire or flooding.

Why co-locate with Volta?

By co-locating with Volta, you’ll provide your business with the space and power it needs to achieve its full potential. Through availing of state-of-the-art, sustainable infrastructure in the heart of London, you’ll reach your global partners and clients via low latency, high performance connectivity.
As an award-winning Colocation Provider, Volta offers cost-effective services designed to help businesses scale, as well as on-site facilities like meeting rooms, showers, a break-out lounge and kitchen facilities. Just seven minutes from Barbican Station, 10 minutes from Farringdon Station, 15 minutes from Old Street Station and 16 minutes from Bank Station, Volta ensures your infrastructure is within easy reach.

Volta, London’s edge data centre
Defined as the furthest point from a company’s central location at which data is created, edge computing is set to become a major part of an optimised, hybrid IT infrastructure platform.
As an edge data centre in the heart of London, close to all its end users, Volta can ensure that the needs of customers who interact with your organisation are met and surpassed. By optimising your content location within an edge data centre like Volta, you can deliver content faster and more reliably to your own clients, increase your security and guarantee consistency of service.

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