Green Data Centre in Central London


What we do to be a green data centre

At Volta, we are continually looking for new ways to further improve our sustainability. Since 2017, all our power has been sourced from 100% carbon neutral, renewable energy providers from UK wind farms.

All equipment and infrastructure installed and sourced is of the highest energy efficiency rating that can be deployed. Our latest initiative is the installation of Electric Vehicle charging stations to encourage and enable our staff, customers, and suppliers to reduce the impact of their travel on the environment.

Introduction to green data centres

Data centres are power hungry facilities, consuming 3% of all electricity generated on the planet. Those data centres that procure their power from non-renewable sources contribute heavily to worldwide carbon emissions.

Volta is different. We are a green data centre and provide assurances that few of our competitors can compete with.

All our power is sourced from 100% carbon neutral, renewable energy providers and we take extensive measures to prevent pollution to those affected by our activities by reducing emissions and noise and air pollution at source.

We assess and monitor our performance against stringent environmental objectives and provide our people with environmental training to promote responsible environmental practices within the company.

Volta also maintains close partnerships with recognised external agencies such as the Environmental Agency and the EU Data Centre Code of Conduct. These partnerships help boost our credentials as a truly eco-friendly data centre.



Advantages of green data centres

Green data centre benefits to customers and the advantages of green cloud computing are many.

Most businesses now have their own sustainability targets. However, by partnering with a data centre powered by fossil fuel-generated electricity, they can inadvertently negate their efforts to become more sustainable.

By switching to a green data centre – powered 100% by renewables – businesses can factor in the electricity used to sustain their servers into their overall sustainability targets.

Eco-friendly data centres also often go further than just procuring renewably sourced power. They integrate greener technologies, process waste in innovative ways, and engage in Learning and Development programmes to develop their people’s environmental thinking.

They’re also keen to share their knowledge. A common outcome of the partnerships between green data centres and their clients, is clients begin to adopt the practices and methodologies of the data centre, further boosting their own green credentials.

Volta, your green partner

At Volta Data Centres, we like to press home the many benefits of choosing us to house your critical IT hardware. We’re proud of our facility; it’s safe and accessible location, its extraordinary resilience, the amenities we provide for our visitors, the level of customer care we provide, and the fact that it’s altogether an elegant, clean, hi-tech and ultra-secure complex.

We’re also proud that Volta Data Centres is green.

We are sustainable

We assess and monitor performance

We partner with major agencies

We are always evolving

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