The central London data centre

Situated on Great Sutton Street, the Volta Data Centres facility provides businesses with state-of-the-art certified and accredited data services in the beating heart of London. It means our capital city-based partners reach their global audiences and clients with low latency, high performance connectivity, and 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA), as standard.

Not only is the facility walking distance from Liverpool Street Station and the Barbican tube stop, but its specific location on two separate diverse power rings within London’s upgraded 33kV network means Volta is one of the most power-resilient data centres in the UK.

A carrier-neutral data facility with 20+ diverse entry points and over 25 carriers on-site, Volta customers access the level of connectivity they need from the providers they prefer. It means diversity, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, with the power to adapt, and the ability to stay agile.

However, a prime location, 100% uptime, and ultra-resilient connectivity mean nothing without formidable security. That’s why the Volta Data Centres facility is manned with security guards 24/7, equipped with biometric access control, and provides reliable backups and UPS devices to protect your data against outages.

Frequently Asked Questions

A data centre is a physical facility that organisations use to store, process, and distribute data and critical applications. Organisations might rent hardware belonging to the data centre or use the facility to store their own hardware.

IT operations are crucial for business continuity, so data centres include backup components and infrastructure for power supply, connectivity, and environmental controls.

Colocation is where the Data centre provides an empty rack, dual power feeds, cooling, physical security and connectivity for a client to house their own servers and equipment.

With London being the central business hub of the UK, Volta can ensure that the needs of customers who interact with your organisation are met and surpassed.

Located in central London, Volta customers reach their global partners and clients via low latency, high performance connectivity, meaning a faster and more reliable delivery of content, increased security, and guaranteed consistency of service.

Whether your company is a start-up or a well-established global business, it relies on Big Data to grow and develop. Deep insights into consumer behaviour gathered through data analysis are crucial for informing important strategy decisions. Few office spaces are equipped to store an infrastructure so critical to business performance safely and securely.

By renting out purpose-built space for your hardware, you gain access to high levels of security, reliable backups, and UPS devices to protect data against outages.

Very much so. Our superior level of resilience means all clients receive a 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA), as standard. Located on two separate, diverse power rings within London’s upgraded 33kV network, Volta is one of the most power-resilient data centres in the UK. It’s crucial that your colocation is available to you on a 24/7 basis with complete consistency, and Volta’s fully N+1 power infrastructure ensures this.

At Volta, we use a transparent and predictable pricing structure, and your usage is reviewed regularly. If it becomes apparent that you are frequently exceeding your estimated usage, your dedicated account manager will contact you to discuss your current and likely future needs so we can provision and bill accurately in line with them.

As your organisation grows, so too will your need for extra capacity. Our facility boasts 46,000 square feet of available space, meaning additional power and rack space can be easily accommodated as your needs change and grow.

Yes. The Volta Data Centres facility is open 24/7/365.

Yes. By providing multiple Tier I and Tier II carrier options with diverse entry points into the building, the connectivity that Volta provides is not reliant upon a single fibre provider – it is a diverse range of fibre connections, including significant back-up options.

Our carrier neutral status means you’ll have the freedom to select your own carrier or choose from any of the 30+ providers we already partner with.

Where to even start with this one. Firstly, we own our London data centre outright and invest heavily in its resources and state-of-the-art facilities so we can continue to meet our clients’ developing needs.

We have upgraded power systems, advanced cooling systems, guarantee 100% uptime, and have robust backup provisions for both power and connectivity. We are the only Central London Data centre to have installed not one, but two dedicated 33kV transformers.

Alongside the expert mechanical engineers we have on site around the clock, we also have highly trained security guards patrolling the premises 24/7 so you can be certain that your assets are being constantly and vigilantly monitored.

And, despite all this power and connectivity, we’re green. All energy use at Volta Data Centres is sourced from 100% renewable sources. We even provide free Electric Vehicle charging points.

All of this is provided with transparent billing, exceptional customer service, and effortless scalability.



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Download Volta’s specification guide providing full details of the Volta data centre’s service offerings and infrastructure specification on power, security, certification and many more.

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